Thursday, November 04, 2004

My Very 1st Gimp Artwork!

My Very 1st Gimp Artwork!
Originally uploaded by Cure.

I used to thought that GIMP didn't have the bezier tool, that's why I've been missing Macromedia's Fireworks (Which doesn't have linux version. I'm running a gentoo linux only box.)

One of my friends asked me to design a logo for his relative's fireworks (!) company. Then I drew the logo on a piece of paper. For several days, I didn't know how could I possibly give this draft to my friend...

Yesterday evening, I just opened the gimp's official website and clicked the link to some tutorials - WoW! There're TWO tutorials ("Paths (Bezier Selection)", "Drawing Shapes with Bezier") about bezier tool!

I fired up the gentoo emerge tool, downloaded, compiled, installed gimp and started my very first night with it :p

Then, I spent my whole night, following this tutorial, and did this~ I sent it to my girlfriend, and, she KISSED me back (via QQ...) and said she really loved it, hehe...

Hooray! I can draw pictures again! Kiss gimp!


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