Sunday, October 31, 2004

孙子兵法 - 计篇第一

孙子曰: 兵者, 国家大事, 死生之地, 存亡之道, 不可不察也.
故经之以五, 校之以计, 而索其情:

一曰道, 二曰天, 三曰地, 四曰将, 五曰法.

道者, 令民于上同意者也, 可与之死, 可与之生, 民不诡也;
天者, 阴阳, 寒暑, 时制也;
地者, 高下, 远近, 险易, 广狭, 死生也;
将者, 智, 信, 仁, 勇, 严也;
法者, 曲制, 官道, 主用也.

凡此五者, 将莫不闻, 知之者胜, 不知之者不胜.
故校之以计, 而索其情.

曰: 主孰有道? 将孰有能? 天地孰得? 法令孰行? 兵众孰强? 士卒孰练? 赏罚孰明?

将听吾计, 用之必胜, 留之;
将不听吾计, 用之必败, 去之.

计利以听, 乃为之势, 以佐其外. 势者, 因利而制权也.

兵者, 诡道也. 故能以示之不能, 用以示之不用, 近而示之远, 远而示之近.

利而诱之, 乱而取之, 实而备之, 强而避之, 怒而扰之,
卑而骄之, 佚而劳之, 亲而离之, 攻其不备, 出其不意.

此兵家之胜, 不可先传也.

夫未战而庙算胜者, 得算多也;
未战而庙算不胜者, 得算少也.

多算胜, 少算不胜, 而况无算乎! 吾以此观之, 胜负见矣.

About something

苦难是常态, 幸福是意外. 所以请珍惜幸福.
Adversity is normality, happiness is fortuity, so, please treasure your happiness.


originally uploaded by Cure.
My girlfriend and what she had created! haha

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Still Testing...

Alright, I've switched to this templete for simpler looking. Don't have much time lately, busy working at a kinda "secret" project, hehe...

I've decided to write this blog every night (well, China/Chongqing timezone...), let's see if I could keep it, hoho

My girlfriend said she went to an american friend's home and had a happy
halloween night. She took some pictures of what she had "created" tonight, now she's sending to me... I would post them up once I've seen them and have spare time~

Today is a not-so-small day: I've finished reading the iptable tutorials & the Confucius' Lun Yu!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hehe, my first blog :)

Fine, I finally get out of the stone-age and now, here I am, my first blog is available online! Hooray!

test chinese: 中文:)