Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Say hi to internet censorship!

Fine, the the gmail has been blocked again, whatever which proxy server I tried to use to connect to gmail, the firefox pops up a dialog and tells me that "The document contains no data" - Bingo! Filtered!

This happens from time to time. Before I went to sleep this afternoon, it was OK. Yes, it's been OK for several days (the first time I found out gmail being blocked was the first time I tried to login my new account...)

And, the's edit page (to modify your post) has been blocked too. Whenever I try to edit my post - "The document contains no data".

What happened to your heads, my government officers? Does gmail do anything bad to you? No p0rn, no p0litical content... anything that makes you awake late at night?

OK, let it be, at least I could (?) post this one, could I? Let's see....

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