Sunday, June 12, 2011

推特集 (2011/04)

  1. Envision, influence.
  2. No human rights, no human left - 无人权, 无人全.
  3. Business is about fitting many other businesses together.
  4. 好的摄影作品对聚焦的诸多元素有极强的把握和概括能力。
  5. 我想, 企业家的职责, 就是把地耕好, 肥施好, 害除好, 蔬菜们就会自由地疯长.
  6. Paper, pencil, eraser is still the best/cheapest/most efficient way for idea sketching, mental prototyping.
  7. "Live from CNN center"; lie from CCTV center.
  8. 游说, 解释, 寻求共识, 妥协分歧, 推进事情.
  9. 至今记得大学军训时连长同志的一句话:民主是需要滴,但最后还是要集中到我这里来。
  10. Why we are not happier when we already have more? Coz the more we have, the more we are aware of there are more we want to have.
  11. High level design in paper drafts/digi diagrams are very helpful & efficient b4 u get entangled in code level complexities & restrictions.
  12. 无产者看了本书,幡然醒悟,原来只要流氓起来,即可迅速实现权力和财富的重新分配,于是轰轰烈烈地包围城市,翻身有产者。同时,因深谙自身秉性,为防止无产者2.0画瓢,于是:一让经济,碌碌维生;二禁书文,昏昏不省;三促和谐,杜绝流氓。
  13. You are not faking emotion, you are taking up responsibility. #leadership
  14. If u can't build trust upon some solid blocks, u will end up exhausted w/ many details out of ur capability, trashing others in the corner.
  15. The more mental burdens something/someone introduces, the less likely you can stay with for long. #design #life
  16. Math makes art beautiful: beats, rhythms, compositions, proportions... It's everywhere.
  17. It's dangerous that you know little yet want to control.
  18. 他们的能耐永远是不知廉耻、不择手段地倒腾智慧远见优其一等的思想家、知识分子,直到普罗大众都瞅见他们终究破相的丑陋低劣,也就从这戏台锒铛退幕了。
  19. 察天朝官场, 必以貌取人, 皮相欠妥者, 十中九狗官 - 所谓相由心生也.
  20. Beware of implied/missed details that are "concluded" into simple sentences, unless scientifically covered, they can always be questioned.
  21. Don't worry, keep those knowledges in mind, you will understand them as you grow.
  22. 这事的有趣之处是:人们不一定知道,也不一定不知道,但他们一定知道;人们不一定会去,也不一定不去,但他们一定得去。向广大战斗在第一线的工作者致敬!

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