Saturday, June 18, 2011

推特集 (2010/05)

  1. We engineers are darn stubborn problem solvers!
  2. You will get paid for what you've done - some ppl want that, some ppl don't.
  3. 北京的夏/依旧地炎热而干燥/路上这许多陌生的面孔/仿佛能和另一个十年继续擦肩//溃烂的会隐隐作痛/掩埋的会渐渐升腾//热浪将不期而至/袭击我们纤弱躯体间的罅隙/燃烧所有可燃的/躁动所有漠然的
  4. 所有代表权力的符号, 都有凌驾一切规则的许可, 扰民, 犯民, 辱民, 戕民.
  5. Bye Jack! I've been following you since I'm 22, now I'm almost 30!! #24Finale
  6. Beat the market means you have been statistically doing better than most of the people most of the time, not once or twice.
  7. Positive attitude makes bad things not that bad, gives you breath to look at new possibilities.
  8. Trees are quiet, they grow, they suffer, they die, they just don't speak.
  9. 遇到靠谱的人不容易, 能和靠谱的人共事不容易, 能和靠谱的人完成点靠谱的事更不容易.
  10. 难题解得好是聪明, 分数拿得多是策略.
  11. Trade both side, trade like an emotionless robot.
  12. 当人与人发生矛盾, 第一反应是联想到权和钱, 关系和人情; 而非理和法, 制度和步骤 - 在这样的社会, 弱势的你会没有怒气怨气, 不感到痛苦压抑?
  13. You don't have to be the smartest, just be honest to have smart guys be honest with you.
  14. 最美, 最长, 最强; 最豪华, 最成功, 最和谐… 他们以权和钱构建最多的最, 最有面子的最; 唯独不见最有人性, 最具良知.
  15. 在一个集体凌驾于个体的国度, 你我都是被统计的对象, 都是小数点后可以被和谐的精确度.
  16. Observe/analyze/understand/express/influence.
  17. If you ignore/disrespect someone's past/achievements, how could you know what makes him today and explore his future? #hr
  18. @ohblog 支持/尊重台湾人为自己的过去/现在/未来做出判断和选择!

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