Saturday, June 18, 2011

推特集 (2011/01)

  1. 媒体每次试图说点什么, 就被系统地粗暴地河蟹下去. 你认为这会让他们多些恐惧还是增长些愤恨? 试想, 人嘴一张, 你就扇他一巴, 哪怕街边最孬的阿斗, 能说他没有扯开脖子跟你吼上一嗓子的一次?
  2. idea (virtual value) + execution (real investment) = true money (gain or lose)
  3. 有组织要阻止试图组织的以确保能继续控制无组织的. The organized will prevent those who want to get organized so to stay in control of the unorganized.
  4. Web design: what a big blank screen estate that you can combine every little space/pixel/color to deliver, to manipulate visitors' minds.
  5. If you don't invest for the future, you will be playing catch-up in the future, right?
  6. 五千年文化,丰富得不肖子孙可一代代如此肆意地摧残与糟蹋?
  7. Engineering: everything must be crystal clear, every small detail must be testable, verifiable, explainable.
  8. Good enough is not enough, will there be no market for a truly great product?
  9. Dream, believe, do.
  10. When able to act like professional machine, you can exploit human errors.
  11. 搬走了三座大山,迎来了珠穆朗玛。
  12. 看着孙中山/蒋介石的后人都能过得挺正常的, 颇有些感慨.
  13. 在此文艺史哲皆为政治附庸的环境里,何来孕育独立之思想,自由之精神的土壤?所有聪明的、锋利的、讽喻的、批判的…片言只语在企图前已为盛世和谐,胎死腹中。也难怪春晚这符号性的舞台上有的只是歌功颂德装疯卖傻罔顾左右而言他的嬉皮笑脸一场戏。
  14. Kids are kids, their laughs are laughs, cries are cries; adults are not adults, their laughs could be laughs, cries could be cries.
  15. 一个美国大兵从敌后被救回,感谢的顺序为:上帝,家庭,国家。
  16. 早上看段 TED, 白天读圈 Feeds, 公车学句 Japanese, 睡前啃本 eBook - iPad 式好好学习, 天天向上.
  17. CEOs are those who can always think/act bright, so others can stand strong - what a tough job.
  18. Be straight, so curve differentiates; be bright, so shadow appears.
  19. Your real competitors are those who hv been working as hard as you or harder; the others are just luckier, which is not likely to last long.

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