Saturday, June 18, 2011

推特集 (2010/12)

  1. 天朝:已过未过,将来未来。
  2. 1. Follow the right guy; 2. Prepared to be worth being followed.
  3. 1. How many problems known to us? 2. How to cover each of them with what solutions? 3. With what reasons a solution is picked/decided?
  4. Patience is your friend, he comes and goes; you will make some differences only when you make him stay.
  5. "What if I can easily..." is where great ideas come from.
  6. 不喜欢去医院或政府机构的一大原因:那里通常是让你感觉自己最接近畜牲的场所。
  7. A big picture is always needed so you won't get lost while struggling with day to day details.
  8. One day, your dream becomes fulfilling other's dreams.
  9. 天朝税收:取之于民,用之于仆。
  10. 现实生活中有太多的懒人和坏习惯让你可以跟随着去放松和放纵,不经意你就成了平庸的大多数。

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