Saturday, June 18, 2011

推特集 (2010/10)

  1. How to know your users? Be with them, listen to them, want the things they want, feel the pains they feel.
  2. Spitting at a giant doesn't make you a giant.
  3. When lower your tone, you'll hear more; when lower your head, you'll learn more.
  4. If you insist/imagine you are better than anyone, you will lose any chance to learn, to grow.
  5. Overconfidence makes one stubbornly close-minded & unreasonable.
  6. 断章取义是如此节省脑力又是如此能煽动占人口大多数的简单思维者;这个系统里被简化成"人民"的一群,如此轻松又是如此饥渴地饕餮着传声筒那端不时吐出的皮毛肉屑,群情激昂;看不见悟不到这台巨大的机器屠宰时那具象的、绵长的、摧筋断骨细致入微的疼痛、血腥和恐惧。
  7. 中国媒体:捂着耳朵,蒙着眼睛,嗅着铜臭,昧着良心,张着嘴巴,说着瞎话。
  8. 反日青年们砸国人买的广本,说明一部分人反日是口号,仇富是心理;各种情绪积累太多太久了,就被引导着乘机着宣泄下。
  9. 凤凰卫视就一港版CCAV,好在有个别节目的个别人的个别言论还值得看看。
  10. hard, before you are too "high ranking" to get your hands dirty.
  11. It's the details that make things sophisticated, enjoyable & fascinating.
  12. Matured means you are starting to understand that there are many details of execution from dream to reality.
  13. Having too many private/secret messages is an indicator of likely unhealthy communication.
  14. Work hard, before you become too old and too lazy.
  15. Tools are always needed for breaking boundaries, connecting people, enhancing communications.
  16. You will loose your ground when you are too used to being at the top.
  17. 越无知,越愚昧,越隐忍;越隐忍,越冷漠,越残暴。
  18. A day worths remembering, hope it's day 1 of all the bright days to come; hope we no longer suffers after 99 yrs of struggling. #liuxiaobo
  19. Soup has layers: some are light & clean, some are bold & thick, amaze you with one taste after/within another.
  20. If you don't learn by self the easier way, someone will teach you a lesson the hard way.
  21. To perform, to manipulate.
  22. Focus on different details at different stage.
  23. History takes time to happen, a better time is yet to come.
  24. He who keeps constantly thinking will reach mental places others never been, some are fascinating, some are terrifying.

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