Saturday, June 18, 2011

推特集 (2010/09)

  1. A tool should be built/used only if it simplifies things.
  2. Believability is the essence of story telling, movie making, animation, design and many others.
  3. 一个害怕自己历史与现实的政府会有怎样的未来? What future to expect for a government who's afraid of its own history & facts?
  4. Men: true/false; Women: love/hate.
  5. Tell the story slowly/patiently/elegantly/detail oriented... let audience hv time 2 breathe, but take their breath away at the right time.
  6. @jinguoli 建立好公司仍然是必须自上而下对理想对价值观有一致的理解和认可;一要找志同道合的人,二要把人当志同道合的用;@wenbob 的看法应源自现实中常是甲方不会待人用人或是乙方不善诚挚认真。
  7. To dream, to shape, to lead, to execute.
  8. Lots of us are doing things base on the assumption that "I'm going to live long, my kids are going to live well".
  9. 30 是道坎, 前面许多的他们半推半就地过了; 后面许多的你们前赴后继地来 ;-)
  10. Vision: strengthens hearts, tightens people, clears mess, resolves conflicts.
  11. 领导 - 习惯了别人给他绕道让路的动物.

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