Friday, June 17, 2011

推特集 (2011/02)

  1. Do you have the capability to envision the future, and stick to it with great courage, patience & persistence?
  2. A "good" piece of information is one that provoke curiosity/thoughts/talks between people.
  3. If a design "looks" complex/complicated, it could be an early indicator of failure.
  4. Design is about finding/evolving optimum solutions for problems.
  5. 日本的牛奶养起了国民的平均身高,天朝的牛奶喂残了花朵的基本健康。这些狗官奸商们真个八嘎亚路地不怕来世报应。
  6. We are good at consuming/processing graphical info.
  7. Design is about giving out pieces for user to make up a whole story. Wrong pieces selected will misguide user to unintended/broken picture.
  8. 真正解放了的人,是有爱有恨、有喜有悲、能怒会怨的人,而非一直和谐地笑;如同解放了的女人的脚,才有美腿宜人、丑脚驱鬼,而非一色的三寸金莲。
  9. Imagine what it should be in the future; plan w/ acceptable compromises. If none, wait 4 the right fit instead of delivering sth crippled.
  10. "Invest" is betting what the future will be, not what already is.
  11. 同志一声荡九州, 惊雷未下龙蛇守. 埃及烽火连天碧, 长城内外别样红. 童鞋应有惊天志, 南墙不破不回头. 春来百花枝头俏, 一览山河醉重楼! //胡诌一首, 新春快乐 B-)

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