Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Great Wall - by Beyond

Another June passed, 22 years. It seems like this Great Wall can lock up everything for another thousand years. History is being erased, memories are fading. That day the human body tragically failed to stand up against a pile of mechanics, has become a haunting curse. Don't you see how many nameless bodies are still being mechanically torn/crushed by a gigantic machine to date?

- Oh, no, you don't, we have the upgraded Great Firewall.

A classic Cantonese rock from Beyond, enjoy.


In the distant east, the vast frontier
there's the ancient wall
past generations' suffering
this generation's face
mountains and land are firmly bordered

surrounding a dying country
surrounding the truth
surrounding vast amount of history
surrounding (the yelling) desires and hopes

Superstitious villages, mystic central power
and battle fields of the past
the emperor's new clothes, bloody weapons
who's willing to leave his motherland and exile for life

Cover your ears
so their cries (for God) are no longer being heard
Cover your eyes
farewell to that glory wound carved upon this land

A body without crown, minds of selflessness
and the unbreakable broken wall
no one can crash it, no one can abandon it
no one can leave his motherland and exile for life


Original lyrics (Note: Traditional Chinese)

Music Video

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