Sunday, July 17, 2011

推特集 (2009/12 ~ 2009/10)

  1. 风声鹤唳, 草木皆兵, 闭关锁国, 掩耳摘铃.
  2. When you lower your head and tone, your ears will hear more.
  3. It doesn't matter how much you are holding, it matters how long you can keep them and survive.
  4. Men lie because women are expecting them to - "Am I beautiful?"
  5. You won't grow if you don't know someone else has been doing way better than you.
  6. Intensive/regular (automated) testing to ensure the product is iteratively growing in the right direction. #agile
  7. Key to agile development: intensive communication to explore/clarify/embrace/adapt to "uncertainty".
  8. Investment is like hypothese, only he who casts will catch.
  9. They've modernized their income, cars, buildings... except their mind.
  1. Stock: traders suck $ from each other's future; investors suck $ from company's future; fools get sucked into no future.
  2. You can't design without deep understanding.
  3. A good design must have an unified idea to help you make all the design decisions.
  4. Design delivers message, initiates communication.
  5. A childish government keeps trying to "maintain" its citizens in childhood.
  6. Design initiates vibrations between hearts, communicates without language.
  1. Try to build something small to change the world, a little bit at a time.
  2. Labeled as the "developing country", doesn't mean that we the people couldn't/shouldn't have the "developed" mindset.
  3. When no more hopes, faith is the last thing you can keep.
  4. /accounts/EditServices - "Remove Web History permanently" completely disables Google search results click-tracking redirect URLs.
  5. Forget about sed/cut, awk fulfills my calculating need: awk '{ SUM += $7 } END { print SUM }' (sum 7th col, works with negative values)
  6. Replace multiple white spaces with single one (before piped to "cut -d"): sed -e 's/ \{1,\}/ /g'
  7. There is no good/bad customer, but customer you serve well/badly.
  8. In your quest for knowledge, while "scaling up" yourself, could u also "scale out" to the others?
  9. A simple question to "test" if a test case is over simplified: can it be rerun by another QA without further explanation from the author?
  10. It's a complicated world, u need to understand it before u can reorganize it into something sophisticated.
  11. max_execution_time IS including download time if file is served via php, e.g., set Drupal's file access to "private" and serve large files.
  12. Design: behavioral - to solve problems; visceral - to make experience enjoyable; reflective - to enhance communication.
  13. max_execution_time isn't including max_input_time. A file tks 600s max_in to upload, the script can tk 30s max_exec to do other stuff. #php
  14. When language is used, the bloody facts have been torn apart and reassembled, your mind starts being manipulated by the assembler.
  15. Babies sleep anywhere as long as they are feeling safe & secure, or simply tired (of struggling with the world).
  16. Let's focus on solving smaller/day-to-day things which will eventually change the world as they accumulate.
  17. Can you imagine how creative it's going to be if these one billion people eventually have the right to think freely?

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