Sunday, July 10, 2011

推特集 (2010/04 ~ 2010/01)

  1. Fears & tears, silenced & harmonized; those who got treated like animals will strike back like animals.
  2. Time is slow, pain is precise; it ticks second by second, it ticks like it never ends.
  3. 草民死去的身躯之上, 是富人挥舞慈善的旗幡; 红纸黑字, 百万千万, 衣冠赫赫, 面容有光; 这一路走得艰辛仓惶, 一躺下便垒起黄土盈尺, 供你搭台唱戏, 千秋荣光.
  4. The professionals are those who are well trained to conquer or to exploit human vulnerabilities.
  5. 股市里一定要克服的就是对 "下跌" 的恐惧; 无论涨跌, 只要交易量放大的日子, 就是充满机会的日子, 涨则挣钱, 跌则省钱 - 果断把筹码换成更便宜的.
  1. 脑残则国残, 人贱则国贱.
  2. We are like animals, born & growing into different shapes, to scare others away, to be able to run away, or to hide one's self away.
  3. We are all vulnerable creatures, looking for imaginary shells.
  4. You feel so brave in a strong team.
  5. 和国民肉体健康有关的一律不管, 和国民思想健康有关的一切都管.
  6. 墙着的时候, 是夯实地基的时候; 墙塌的时候, 是新楼破土的时候.
  7. Pain is so real & happiness is so fragile... I think this is the evil root of depression.
  8. A good tool should be able to learn and adapt to human.
  9. A plan a day, keep uncomfortable away!
  10. Enjoy your life while you still have it.
  11. Home is where you can breathe the air of memories.
  12. Love is when you die you know you have someone's hand to hold.
  13. Always respect those who have been fighting on front line.
  1. 以短跑的心态跑长跑, 不被累死也被急死 - 人生此理, 赚钱同理.
  2. It's never a bad thing to have someone say something bad about you.
  3. 不是我们天生低矮羸弱, 不是别人刻意瞧你不起; 是思想阉割, 是体制拘囿, 是他们存心设以重重障碍犯下种种错误, 不让每一个一个的人拥有独立之精神, 自由之思想, 富足之财力, 与列强诸国比肩竞争 - 这, 不是一个能诞生现代化巨人的地方.
  4. The only reason we are living for, is to prepare something for our next generation, either good or bad.
  5. We might not be able to change the world, but we can build ourselves a better home.
  6. When you start feeling too lazy to embrace changes, you are getting old.
  7. "Cheap" is determined by attitude, not price.
  1. Time is ur friend, it weakens ur opponents, turns them into dead bodies; so stay healthy, be happy, play tight, live longer w/ gr8 patience.
  2. Censorship is effectively keeping us as stupid as they are, so their intelligence won't be challenged.
  3. Mobilized & connected.
  4. He who has enough power to mess with history will be messed up by history's power.
  5. 童话国外交部: 我们全国人民都可以开博客, 上论坛, 自由地赞赏国王的新衣. 你们国外这些小屁孩的指责完全是无理取闹.
  6. 他们如此地害怕每个公民掌握充分的信息, 独立地思考, 理性地判断; 于是要有内容审查, 要有爱国主义, 要有舆论导向.
  7. Laziness is your enemy, it lulls you into simplistic conclusion, comfortable illusion.
  8. We are contained, in an imaginary atmosphere created by them.
  9. You don't have to be young to be childish.
  10. Slow down, think twice, do it right - busiest time is when proj starts, hv2 assemble pieces together b4 it can mechanically run on its own.
  11. p民就是一溜烟, 菊花 "噗" 的一声, 我们就被放跑了.
  12. - every life long small good habit helps you get a great long life! #ted #health
  13. What kind of creativity & future could be expected from all these crippled/censorship educated minds?
  14. Inspect & adapt. #agile
  15. "智商低的人才用苹果电脑,因为苹果电脑太好用了。" - 俺在 OSX 里跑 Debian, 简称 "大智若愚". #linux #mac
  16. Learn one great thing from everyone, you will be great some day.
  17. There are 3 different ways to make you feel "powerful/fearless": faith, reason, ignorance.
  18. 每个人都有自己的一些这样那样的小特点小毛病, 尊重和理解是修养.
  19. As a service provider, you are paid to take care of every small detail, so that your customer can stay focused on a big picture.
  20. 以认真换认真.
  21. When stuck, dig your way out.
  22. There are 3 kinds of people who: 1. need to be pushed; 2. self pushed; 3. push others.
  23. Your good friends: patience, double checking, "slowness", accuracy.
  24. "Developed" means black is black, white is white; "developing" means everything is gray.
  25. 养猪的待遇能比猪差?
  26. There will be wall if you don't climb.
  27. 世上本没有墙, 但爬的 "人" 多了, 也就得围一堵, 圈养着.
  28. "Fear lulls our minds to sleep, it turns us into cowards as well." - Persepolis

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