Monday, October 17, 2011

From last post to this, Steve Jobs is gone

As we are still young and healthy, we are always so confident that we will be able to live through tomorrow, the endless tomorrow, full of hopes and dreams.

We keep wandering, playing, doing stupid things, avoiding a single thought of the fact that there's a timer has already been set the day we born.

A second ticks away, it ticked away, inresisible, irreversible.
We are in a progress of permanent lost of the most precious thing we can own: life.

When first time i heard mom called herself "old", I was shocked;
When dad told me he is seeing few small spots through his eyes, I learned it's a "common case" of "natural growing old process";
Terrifying scientific language.

Better do something ASAP, before it's too late, so you can let go peacefully, and take a long rest, when the moment comes.

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