Sunday, October 23, 2011

推特集 (2011/09)

  1. 活在兲朝是一場豪賭, 賭自己能躲過幾次被 "傷亡人數" 統計.
  2. Spending money is painfully... happy -,-
  3. Communism has been alienating people, destroying culture, killing lives, preventing modernization... When will it come to an end?
  4. 把被子曬滿陽光的味道~
  5. 环㞗屎泡 (pao1).
  6. "台灣自古以來就是中國不可分割的一部分"--那為何台灣人民可以看的,大陸人民不可以?台灣人民可以聽的,大陸人民不可以?台灣人民可以說的,大陸人民不可以?台灣人民可以做的,大陸人民不可以?誰在分割我們?
  7. How could you possibility "fix/improve/refactor/rebuild" something without clearly understanding the (existing) problems first? #methodology
  8. When history is told the short way, it can be fast pace, fun & entertaining; but in its day to day formation, it's slow, sweaty & boring.
  9. We will all end up with a name either worth mentioning or not.
  10. 良民無說話權, 疑犯無沉默權, 啊, 兲朝.
  11. 我們賦予你權力,不是讓你因此比普通的我們特別,而是讓你因此比我們特別地普通。
  12. 放不下, 離不開, 長不大, 得不到, 變不好.
  13. 能不能認真聽取/理解狀況後再決定球是不是自己的, 該不該踢走?
  14. You've got to express yourself, let your energy explode one way or another. #art #life
  15. 愛情有風險, 婚姻需謹慎.
  16. Gain your reputation & influence, so one day you can be used as role to speak out public opinions, or push things forward.
  17. 生命就是拿來燒的, 不燒也得燒, 一天短一截.
  18. @wxiluo take ownership, work for yourself, make every job a solid milestone in your lifelong career path ;)
  19. 不怕不要脸的,只怕不要命的--更怕有命的以手中权力替其他要命的做下不要命的选择。
  20. 幸好当年韩国没被朝鲜统一,幸好当年香港台湾没被兲朝解放,爱国小青年们今天才能在 CCAV 的死人面孔下、有韩流港剧台星可追!
  21. Something is gone, something needs to be filled up. The night is too quiet to get rid of all these crowded noises in an empty mind.
  22. Just find out it's quite entertaining to keep dragging a direction on the map's satellite view. How big the world is, yet how small...
  23. 放不下过去,得不到未来。

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