Saturday, March 03, 2012

G+ A "Ghost Town"? What Fits Google?

Read WSJ's "The Mounting Minuses at Google+" few days ago, which says Google+ is virtually a "ghost town", here are some thoughts from an email discussing this with friends:

google has been fighting pretty hard to get a slice of the "social network" pie, but unless FB/Twitter make any fatal mistakes, or google makes some dramatic innovations in SNS, I see no motivation for a FB/Twitter user to move away from her/his existing connections, to start over again in a "similar" service.

I still mentally recognize google as a humble "search giant", large mailbox service provider, built a speedy browser, an a cheaper (not price, but UX) iOS clone... other than that, I can't name much of their other less successful/failed attempts.

"google going social" - it's kind of like a knowledgable library trying to mix some color of a fashion boutique, I don't know how it would turn out, it just feels mentally "unfit" to me.

I think google should stay focused on more "infrastructural/backbone" things - like the search engine you need everyday, email as your daily communication hub, the mobile OS that supports all other fancy apps above, the browser all other SNS sites must run upon.

That fits google.

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r0bertz said...

Google will differentiate between logged in and anonymous user experience. Soon one can't afford to remain anonymous when using Google's service. And Google will bake Google+ into everything. So one just can't easily avoid Google+ in the future. I think.