Saturday, August 06, 2011

推特集 (2009/09 ~ 2009/07)

  1. Chances are always there waiting for your next try.
  2. There are two kinds of leaders: one forces ppl to be more stupid than him; one believes ppl are much smarter than him.
  3. Waiting is such good training that it either crashes or stabilizes you.
  4. Users can always find the defects of your software in the most innovative way.
  5. It's good that u r working overtime to get things done; it's better if u hv planned ahead to avoid working overtime from the beginning.
  6. Only those who dare to dream will be able to lead.
  1. We are born to learn what death is.
  2. Let's become a story for our next generation to tell.
  3. To shape, to lead, to execute.
  4. Those who are willing to take the risks, either die in the front line, or become heroes.
  5. I was shocked the first time I heard my mom calling herself "old person"...
  6. Popper's model for government is based on his awareness of human weaknesses and limitations.
  7. Babysitting 1 billion people for 60 yrs is this government's greatest achievement.
  8. Historicism & waterfall model: both trying to over simplify a dynamic world consists of complex individuals.
  9. UI design step 1: tell the story of how real world objects interact with each other in common language. (do NOT use "click", "checkbox", ...
  10. When customer complains, it's usually the best chance to convert her/him to a loyal one.
  1. The most satisfied moment: having a cup of hot tea after finishing the dinner cooked by myself.
  2. Bad bad habit of being an IT guy for years: easily get depressed by flawed machine...
  3. Popper's "government" is very empirical: (1) it _could be_ bad, so (2) need a practical mechanism to replace it without bloody revolution.
  4. A weirdest Monday: got ZERO email from clients...
  5. Uncertainty is the root of fear.
  6. Things will become beautiful when you start loving them.
  7. Karl Popper had cleaned up the mess of historicism long time ago, how amazing it is to see a government is still actively doing the live "show".
  8. 黨者,“尚黑”,古人造字,洞察千秋。
  9. Colorful minds are fascinating!
  10. We are basically the same piece of flesh with different cloth and makeup outside.
  11. Think alone, think ahead, think aloud... I'm stuck.
  12. I can't tell my exact distance from success, but whenever I learn something new, I know I'm one step closer.
  13. While life is illusion, what not create yourself a happier one?
  14. On the way to success, money is the side effect, not end result.
  15. A lead: (1) has greater _probability_ of being right; (2) is more open to criticism; (3) has the courage to correct mistakes.
  16. Some money comes in regular pace (salary), some comes all of a sudden (lottery), some comes when all your efforts reach a tipping point.
  17. Audio/video equipments you pay for the details/resolution, service is the same.
  18. Always work with someone who can extend your knowledge to the next level.
  19. 房地产是政府预支草民未来、GDP 保八的重要面子工程。
  20. In an open society/environment, everything can be questioned, discussed & documented for further revise.
  21. In this lifelong racing, the winner is usually not the one who can run the fastest at the beginning, but the one who can last the longest.
  22. A good habit saves money; a good system saves money.
  23. Patiently prepare your value to be a millionaire, it will become real money when the time is right.
  24. A business guy should be able to see the extra values behind a piece of money.
  25. 残酷青春,满是泡泡的青春,没有一个造一个,破了一个补一个。
  26. A government off the people, buy the people, fork the people.
  27. 围追堵截,欺瞒哄骗。
  28. 电话面试时三五分钟筛人的绝招:就挑简历上“精通”的问──2-3 个问题,某个问题深入 1-2 步,“行家一出手,就知有没有”──如果你发现没有任何过招的乐趣,即准备挂线。
  29. There's no rich happiness, nor poor happiness, you are the wealthiest man if you are really happy.
  30. Be solid enough to occupy some space in this world.
  31. When they R poor & not in ctrl, they promised 2 serve the ppl; when they R in ctrl, they must stay rich enuf so that no longer need 2 do so.
  32. With these expensive buildings, cars... they are clearly delivering a message: we are systematically on top of you, hail to us!
  33. When the spotlight is on, you are the super star!
  34. 陈远浩案中欧亚求的辩护律师说:今天你给我老实点,实事求是... 否则我可以拒绝为你辩护。
  35. Community: a group of people sharing common interests with *trust*.
  36. Music creates such a pleasant atmosphere that you will lose yourself when you sink into every small detail of it...
  37. I don't want beautiful charts, I want charts indicate (potential) problems.
  38. A lot of people are still willing to sacrifice the future to make some selfish quick money.
  39. Good tea will remind you to drink!
  40. Please bear with us if this country looks awkward from time to time, it will be better when our generation becomes mainstream.
  41. They hv bn planting "party=ppl=nation" into our minds, any foreign criticism 2 thm wl more or less cause nationalism rebound, 4 thm 2 hide.

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